Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dear Baby Jake,

After a lot of hard work, your room is finally ready and waiting for you. It's come a long way from where we started and we think you will love it. We look forward to laying you down in the crib that grandpa built and wrapping you in the quilt that sweet Connie at church made just for you. You are already so loved around here and everyone can't wait to meet you... you are the talk of this town for sure! With that being said, our bags are officially packed for the hospital, the car seat is in the car, and all that we're missing is you. And boy are we missing you. We think about you all the time, talk about you constantly, dream about your sweet face, and talk about what you will be like, what kind of personality you will have, and how wonderful it will be to finally hold you in our arms. We know you'll come when you're ready and when it's your time, but make that soon, okay??? We are already so in love with you... see you soon.

All our love and more,
Mommy & Daddy

PS - We really hope you like monkeys!


  1. so cute Kim! I love reading how in love with Jake that you already are! can't wait for him to arrive so you can finally experience the pure joy only a mother can have when her baby is born. Love you!

  2. OH KIM - it is beautiful! I can't wait, either - I have to "ditto" everything Amber said :)

  3. Double ditto everything Kristen and Amber said... haha

  4. You guys are too funny... I'm just excited to be a member of this little mommy club!