Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Friday Night Lights

I'm starting to wonder if there is anything my husband can't do...

On top of husband, father, church planter, pastor, and Ironman, he just added Offensive Coordinator for one of our local high school football teams to the list! What began as an opportunity to speak some truth into the lives of these young men has turned into a full-on coaching position! Even though church planting and pastoring is definitely his passion and calling, I don't think I've ever seen him this excited about anything else! He's definitely enjoying playing ball with his kids and being on the sidelines, and I love that he is more concerned with shaping these boys into good men more than he is with turning them into good ball players (as is the head coach). I love sitting proudly in the bleachers and seeing him encourage and advise the players, and I love seeing how much they look up to him after it's over and they're walking off the field.  Plus, nobody looks better in a headset in my opinion!

As for me and the kiddos, this means that we have the perfect excuse to spend our Friday nights under the lights, watching a bunch of high schoolers cheer dance go head to head. Thankfully, I happen to love watching football and nothing beats a good concession stand! The kids are entertained for the most part, but I can promise you that few things are scarier for a mom than watching her kids play on bleachers! My nephew is now the team's ball boy and is loving every second and my father-in-law runs the camera to capture the game film... it's turning into quite the family affair! I'm not sure what we ever did with our Friday nights before this new gig, but it sure wasn't this much fun!

Our team is currently 1-1 with a lot of season left... and this is the only time you'll ever hear me say "Go Bulldogs!"

Oh wow they all look so alike here!
And just to make it back right again... let me say even louder:

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  1. This is very inspiring! You and your husband are wonderful peeps! I thank GOD for placing us in each others lives! Thank you both for all you do! Keep up the good work but most importantly, keep inspiring others to live in GODS word!