Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Never Forget

This day makes my heart hurt every year. Everyone who witnessed 9/11 unfold remembers exactly where they were; everyone has their story. No matter who you are or where you were, shock, sadness, frustration, horror, and questions of "why?" filled your heavy heart. Even today, I cannot understand the actions of men, the lack of value for human life, and the level of hatred that brought these attacks on our great nation.

Today, our country faces another scary time, and I don't think the timing is just a mere coincidence. With big decisions being made as we all look back, it's important to remember the effects of war, the sacrifices of men, and the strength of this country and it's people. What I remember the most was the patriotism that immediately followed in the weeks to come- flags flying on cars, from bridges, on top of construction cranes, and a sense that we cannot be broken. As we face uncertain times, this is the reminder we need... the reminder that there is more good in this world than bad, that we will carry on and move forward, and that we love our country, no matter what it is we're going through. 

You may disagree with the government, and maybe you didn't vote for the current president, but one thing is certain: ALL of us can pray. Looking back on my own life, when everything seems ever-changing and chaotic, God has been my constant, and prayer has been powerful. Ranting on Facebook does nothing but divide and cause debate, but prayer can unite and move mountains. As we reflect on the events of this day twelve years ago, join me in praying for a brighter future, for peace in the Middle East, for the decisions that our government is facing (because seriously... would you want to be in their shoes?), and that our children never have to experience or witness such horrific events. As One Nation Under God, it's something everyone can do to help!

And a special thanks to all who have served or our serving to protect our American freedoms everyday. The fact that I can even post this and publish it onto the Internet without fear for my life is because of what you do everyday. We are tremendously blessed by all of you.

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