Thursday, March 21, 2013

He's "OSO" Special

March just seems to be getting away from us this year. Between lots of travels, wedding festivities, and the crazy schedules that can come from pastoring a church, our calendar has been full. Thankfully we had the foresight to just have a small family gathering for Jake's birthday this year rather than a full blown party like in year's past. While they were fun and we'll surely do it again in the future, his best buddy is his cousin anyway, so as long as he was in town, Jake would be one happy boy.
While we did not have a "theme," the one thing I refused to skimp on was the cake. Growing up, my mom made THE BEST cakes for us... she has a gift. As soon as Jake was born I knew that decorating a special cake for my kids each year was one tradition that would continue. Jake really does not request anything in particular yet (and if you asked him, he'll tell you that it's everyone else's birthday but his!), so I just went with what he's been requesting the most on TV lately.

"Mo Spessy Oso, please, Mommy?"
That's "More Special Agent Oso, please, Mommy?" in Jake-talk. Have I told you how much I love Jake-talk? He still uses so many of his own words, even when he knows the real word. I'll be a little sad once he starts speaking in full-on proper sentences. *sigh*
But I digress... what's that you say? You don't know who Special Agent Oso is? Yeah, I would not have either a year ago! You can find him on Disney Jr. and essentially he's the "unique, stuffed bear. He's on a special assignment to help a kid somewhere..." Oh sorry, mom-with-a-toddler, did I get that stuck in your head? My apologies.
If you're still lost, here's a picture:

Cute, eh? And my rock-star mom just so happens to still have the teddy-bear pan that she used for my Care Bear cake back in 1985... who says hanging onto things doesn't pay off? It worked perfectly:

And Jake? The dude absolutely loved it! He knew who is was right off the bat and then immediately said, "can we cut Oso?" Our growing boy has priorities!


Thankfully we made sure it lasted long enough to actually make it to the party where he graciously shared it with his Aunt Mindy who had a birthday last week, too.

I still can't believe this kid is three... to me he'll always be my Little Sweet Baby Jake.


  1. Oh my gosh, THAT is the cutest cake ever!! I can't believe you made it! The colors are just perfect; how hard was that?

    1. It's not hard. I actually searched "teal icing" and it brought me to a place on Wilton's website on how to mix food coloring to get different colors. Then it was all experimenting. Keep in mind that the icing becomes a bit brigher as it sits overnight. I was a little nervous about the colors, but I did what they said and am very pleased with the outcome!

  2. I love this last picture of Jake and me! He looks so excited by the cake and attention. By the way, your rock star mom link goes to the wrong place. Happy to share my birthday celebrations with such an Oso special boy!

    1. Thanks for the catch... I fixed it! And thanks for celebrating with us even though it resulted in sharing the flu. :(

  3. It is FANTASTIC! I mean, it's no lopsided Lego cake, but it is good ;-) Hehehe - seriously though, you are so talented!

    Also about your next post, I *so* wish I could've heard you speak last weekend. I know you rocked it!