Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Birthday Wishes - Part 2

As a continuation to yesterday's post, it's time to wish the second half of the equation a very happy birthday today! My sisters have back-to-back birthdays, which just means double the cake, double the fun. Throw Jake's in on Friday and we'll be in a sugar coma by the weekend! But anyway, here are just a few things I love about my oldest sister...

Everyone should have a big sister like Angie. I'm not sure what it is about her, but she just embodies that "big sister" title. I can literally go to her about anything, and even if she doesn't have any advice, she's a great listener. And talk about a big heart... she will stay after school to help friends in their classrooms, drive an hour and a half to help watch a friend's kids, run races in honor and memory of loved ones, works to help her husband balance their uber-crazy schedule, and takes care of her home and two kiddos on top of it. She is a sports-fanatic, UK basketball lovin', 49er's cheering crazy, but her favorite seats are those at the baseball field watching her sons play- she rarely misses a game, much less a practice. I sometimes feel like she sacrifices her summer for her boys' ball schedules, but there is actually no place she'd rather be, nor is there anything she'd rather do to spend that time off. Ask any student at the elementary school where she teaches, and you bet that they'll tell you that Ms. V is her favorite teacher. Granted, she teaches PE and who doesn't love PE, but based on her fun personality, I can only imagine that her class truly is the most fun. And my most favorite thing? My sister Mindy will not get upset when I call Angie the world's greatest aunt... in fact, Mindy agrees! The two of us cannot live up to her! When my kiddos (or Mindy's kiddos) are around, she's on the floor playing with them, rough housing with the boys, playing peek-a-boo with Lil, cleaning up spit-up and cooing at baby Sam, and is always so fully engaged with their needs. It's a nice break for me sometimes and she never makes me feel bad for sitting back and letting her do the entertaining so that I can get a little break... and she loves it. We've always had a special relationship with our aunts, and Angie will definitely have that with our little ones, and I know it will only grow as they get into sports. She can teach them far more than I will ever be able to!

If you had the three of us girls in one room, you might never guess that we're sisters. We don't look much alike, and we're all incredibly different in personality. But as different as we all are, we're like a perfect combination of personality traits to balance each other out and when you throw in our spouses, it's a party. I've always wanted a big, fun-loving family and I love more than anything that I am a part of one... it's such a blessing. I think we've all grown closer over the past ten years, and have learned how to encourage one another, lift up one another, and support one another when going through hard times. We each know that we can call at any time, no questions asked, if we need something and we'll be there. We sometimes disagree with one another as all people do, but I think at the end of the day we can look past the little stuff and know that love and friendship is much more important than always being right. I looked up to Angie so much growing up, always thinking that she was super cool and wanting to hang with her and her friends, so it's an honor to know that she considers me one now. Growing up can be fun in many, many ways.

We moved to the Bluegrass state in part to be closer to family, and the odd part is that now that she lives fifteen minutes down the road, I miss her more! It's like I need a bi-weekly Angie fix or else it feels like forever since I've seen her, even though we used to go months without seeing one another. Funny how that works. 
Angie, I hope you know how much you're loved and appreciated. Have a fantastic day and I'm wishing you the best year that you and your family have experienced yet! Love you!
Oh yeah, and just in case you haven't realized how awesome she is at this point, did I mention she has finished a half Ironman? Yeah, she's a rockstar!


  1. Agree on all counts! We love our Ang!! Beautiful post.

  2. This made me tear up (again). As I said yesterday, I love how much you all love each other. I'm feeling some serious sister-jealousy here (I'm an only child). Happy birthday Angie!!

    1. You can come on a family vacation with us anytime you need to get an insider look at it! LOL!