Monday, February 25, 2013

February Photo Dump

How is it already the 25th of February? This one went by quickly, didn't it? And with it we saw our church plant turn one (yay!), had some friends and family visit from out of state, saw some snow, and spent quite a bit of time indoors going a bit stir crazy. This mama is ready for spring... these kids are dying to be outside, and I could use a little sunshine myself! And since I did not find too much time to post anything on my personal site now that I'm posting on other sites (which I'm loving, but I need to figure out how to still love on my blog home here), here is a photo dump from this month... and just to warn you in advance, they are all from my phone, so sorry about the quality:

The kids are pretty good about playing with each other these days. They are also pretty great at fighting over toys. Oh boy.

Jake's new favorite thing is sunglasses. He has his own pair, but prefers mine. I think we're still figuring out how to properly wear them also.

Our sweet Lil is getting too big too fast. She's decided that she wants to use "big girl" things and gets upset when we try to use silly things like high chairs and cribs. This is her brother's old bed. She's not quite ready for it, but will be soon!

Jake had a pet parade at school for letter "P" week. I was actually thankful that he was too focused on marching in the parade that he didn't notice I was there! It was cute to see him in action with his class.

And here he is with his float for Bolt that he made. Uh yeah, sure he did.

In our quest to complete part two of potty training, we've been doing quite a bit of light reading.

Apparently the kids have been doing some deeper reading, too, as I found The Purpose Driven Life in their bookshelf the other day. It's never too early to start understanding your purpose. Oh, and if you've never read it, they just came out with a new and improved version... you should check it out!

 Josh and I actually got away for a Valentine's date! No picture of us, of course, but I did snap one of this beauty before she was gone. We also had a good laugh as we just so happened to end up at a restaurant where we were the youngest couple there by about 40 years. I've decided that 40 years from now I hope that my Valentine's days are spent going out with about 6 or 8 other couples, dressed to the nines in pink and red attire, and laughing a lot. That seems to be the thing to do in the senior citizen community around here anyway.

We've only had two or three warm-ish days this month, so we took one of them as an opportunity to finally try out the kids' Christmas presents. Jake apparently would rather push Lilly than ride. She loved every minute of it!

Being cold outside also means that training for my 13 in 13 limits me to this sucker. Me and the treadmill have some issues. I can't wait to get back outside on some pavement!

And even though my nephews will kill me for this (be nice to me boys or I'll post 'em on Facebook!), these videos are too funny not to share. My kids love to dance... and the only thing better than having dance parties in the living room? Having dance parties with the cousins of course!

Those boys are such good sports anyway... and surprisingly pretty darn good at Just Dance! My kids clearly march to the beat of a different drummer for now.

I think that about catches me up. I'm hoping this will kick start my consistency on the blog again... we shall see. But in the meantime, if you just can't get enough, you can find me over on the ARC Women blog again today! Happy Monday!

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  1. Why do both kids looks 10 years old in this post? Jake at school and Lilly in the big bed...they aren't babies anymore!