Monday, February 11, 2013

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Happy Monday, everyone!
Okay, so it's Monday and it's super dreary here, so I'm trying my best to sound positive... but honestly, it was pretty tough to get out of bed this morning. Poor Mondays. They are nobody's favorite day of the week. But anyway...
Today you can find me over at the blog, The Everyday Windshield. This is a blog that was born out of a company that a friend of ours started, and they are committed to running debt-free families and business, as well as giving away a product to someone in need for every product they sell.  I love that missional mind-set. She asked me to contribute over there a few times a month, so make sure you check it out today and see what you think! You can also "Like" the Everyday Windshield on Facebook where they have some give-aways and other fun stuff each month.  I hope you'll stop by, and then tomorrow (or let's be realistic... probably Wednesday or Thursday) I'll be back over here, talking about my kiddos, our church plant, and life in general.  Thanks!

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  1. Well done! They're going to love you over there.