Thursday, June 3, 2010

Think Fast

Are you like me and need the start of something to actually start something? Perhaps it's because summer is now here or because my maternity leave is coming to an end (tear.... well, lots of them actually), but I have had this enormous urge to reprioritize my life. I feel like it's time to be a better wife, a better mom, a better servant in the community, and a better Christian. I quickly learned how easy it can be to get lazy as I spent many of my maternity leave days planted on the couch, and even though I know that there were good reasons for those days, it helped me see how much time I can waste in a day. And how much more I could be doing if I just stopped complaining that I don't have the time and actually make or find the time. So after much consideration I have decided to go on a fast. At our church, we fast for the first part of the year (21 days of prayer and fasting) so that we can give the first part of our year to God and focus on what it is He is calling us to do. The fast does not have to be food; in fact, most people don't fast food. At that time we are encouraged to give up something that gets in the way of God's calling- a distraction if you will. So I am taking that concept and applying it to the start of the second half of the year.

The other day I realized that I definitely have a TV line-up. I wake up, usually catch the end of Good Morning America, watch Regis and Kelly while recording the Bonnie Hunt Show, fast forward through most of the Bonnie Hunt Show only stopping on the segments that interest me, catch two episodes of Friends, and then the remote lands me on HGTV for the rest of the day. On top of this, I've begun to realize that when Josh gets home from work we tend to eat dinner (usually in front of the tube) and then proceed to watch several recorded programs thus hardly speaking to one another. It's a rut that I could easily live without. So after much careful consideration, I have officially put myself on a TV fast for the entire summer. Crazy I know. The major part of the fast is during the day, when I should be getting things done while the little one naps (or napping myself), but I've determined that if the hubs is watching a program in the evening, I can be in the same room but need to be working on something else as well. So I will sit and read a book (preferably one with some substance and not something like Twilight, which I still refuse to read due to sheer stubbornness) or blog (hence why I've blogged two days in a row! now) or run around the house like a mad woman working on laundry, dishes, or whatever odd jobs I can find to do. We'll see how this goes.

I will say that after three days of this, I.AM.EXHAUSTED. Seriously. I guess I've grown accustomed to feeding the little guy and then finishing my program and spending much more time on the couch than I should. But for the past three days I've been up and on my feet for much of the day, working on something or another while he snoozes. I've tilled the front garden (tilled is a new word for me... I had no idea what that meant until we bought a house with a front garden!), did three loads of laundry, paid the bills, made dinner all three nights (and not just Hamburger Helper either!), blogged (obviously), went for a walk two out of the three days, ran errands, and took Jake swimming just to name a few activities. Yes I feel like Supermom. Yes I need a nap. But yes I am satisfied with what I have accomplished at the end of my day. So with this new "found" time I plan to continue all of the activities mentioned above, plus read my Bible more, work out more (or just work out period), do things for others, and find ways to serve my husband on a daily basis. It's pretty simple really and I will post updates as to how it is going and changing our daily life. And yes, this is a much easier sacrifice now that American Idol is over. :)

Anyway, that is the random unloading of my brain for the evening. I'm off to bed... after I run downstairs to switch the laundry and fold the clothes from the dryer. A Supermom's job is never complete. I hope I gave you something to think about though... what could you be cutting out that is getting in the way of what He wants you to do? Think about it.

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