Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happy Birthday to...

Dad Mauney!

Okay, okay, so I’m two days late on this! But to my defense, we’ve spent a total of 16 hours in a car in the past two days so I think that’s a pretty good excuse. Plus, we were in the car for that long in order to come visit the birthday boy, so I think I’ll be forgiven. Not to mention the fact that we're not celebrating until tomorrow and, well, I already posted that I wouldn’t be posting while on vacation, so basically this post alone makes me an overachiever. So really, everyone should be impressed.

But anyway, I couldn’t let too much time go by without wishing my father-in-law a very happy birthday! Since day one, this man has welcomed me into the family and treated me like his very own daughter and there is nothing more that I could ask for. He and Josh are like two peas in a pod when they’re together and to watch them interact is something quite special. And now with little Jake, well, let’s just say that his grandson has completely captivated his heart and hopefully Jake won’t take advantage! I’m sure he’ll figure it out one day and realize that he can get away with anything when Grandpa is around. Dad, you are a blessing to our family and we are so glad we get to celebrate with you again this year! I know this past year will be hard to top (thanks in small part to your amazing son and daughter-in-law of course! Haha!) but if it’s even half as good as this last one, I think you’ll be in pretty good shape.

Have a very happy birthday! We love you!

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