Monday, November 2, 2009

Sweet November

Although it's not generally one of the more exciting months for us here in Mauneyland, this November will be quite the exception. This year November means...
  • Finding out whether we need to load up on pink or blue for Baby Mauney

  • A trip back to Florida for Kim to visit friends and family and host her sister's baby shower

  • Thanksgiving houseguests including Josh's dad, Kim's mom, and (hopefully) the Van family

  • Yummy food, the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, and lots and lots of pie... yum!

  • The launch of the Crossroads Youth Program

  • Finishing the many projects in the baby's room

  • Christmas shopping (and wrapping... my favorite!)

  • Christmas decorating... we have the perfect house for it now!

  • A new fence for the backyard (well... here's hoping anyway!)

We are certainly enjoying the fall (but not the raking... hence why our yard is covered in leaves!) and the pups love this cool weather. Even the hubby got festive this year and decorated our house with cute fall decor. He knew that I secretly wanted to go all Martha Stewart on this place, but couldn't bring myself to spend the money on decorations. But when I came home from one of my business trips this month, he sweetly decorated the mantles and added little autumn touches here and there. Isn't he the best???

Winter is right around the corner and the folks here say that they usually get snow right after Thanksgiving and it's on the ground through the end of March. I guess we better soak in what's left of this season while we still can!

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