Thursday, July 16, 2009

We've been working on the

After our trip to Ohio, Mom and the VanValkenburg family came back with us for a short visit. And since there is not much to do in Small Town, Illinois, we put them to work! When we bought our home, there was no railing on the front porch, which is something that insurance companies require within a certain time frame of purchase to insure the home. The previous owner had rebuilt the entire front porch (thank goodness we did not have to do that!) and all that was left was the finishing touch. The two Josh's went to the hardware store on Sunday night and bought all of the wood, started it on Monday, finished it on Tuesday, and then the girls and painted it that night and Wednesday morning before heading out of town. Josh somehow got roped into painting to, although he still can't figure out how it happened and Kevin and Kyle both lasted about five minutes before deciding to play catch instead. So here are the highlights of their trip:

The first few posts go in

The handrails sure made the mail lady happy! She was happy to see them going up!

Kyle stayed long enough to have his picture taken... smart boy!

And it's COMPLETE! Well, minus another coat of paint!

And to complete the post, here's the before and after shot:

What a difference it makes to our home sweet home! Thank you to Josh, Angie, Mom, Kevin and Kyle for all of the help and a great visit! And as a simple disclaimer: no, we do not make everyone who visits us do home repairs. Although we may be more willing to make up the guest room if you come ready to paint! :)


  1. Lovely! They did beautiful work. Where's the doggie gate, though, so the pups can hang out on the front porch? :)

  2. By the way, I can already picture garlands at Christmas and flag bunting in July!