Friday, July 10, 2009

The Chuck Wagon Inn

Sounds like a barbeque joint, doesn't it? Guess again. Josh and I are heading to Ohio for the weekend and needed a place to keep the pups. I Googled "dog boarding Illinois" and came up with a pretty decent list of options. After scanning over them I looked at Josh and said, "I don't think I would want the dogs to stay at the Chuck Wagon Inn! It sounds like they're going to be made into barbeque!" Kinda sick I know. So I called place after place. Karen's Canine Bed and Biscuit (my first choice... catchy names get me every time) was full, the Dixon Veterinary Clinic only had room for Teeny, the Advanced Medical Clinic needed their vet records (which we don't have from Florida yet), and the Country Inn did not answer the phone. So you guessed it... they ended up at the Chuck Wagon Inn! It was actually a very cute place... just a small farm and a couple who run it. Both of them seemed a bit nervous, but hopefully they're settling in by now. Josh and I leave early in the morning and things around the house just aren't the same. We miss those naughty pups!

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