Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Week in Photos: January 9-16

I tell you what... it's only week two and I'm behind on this thing, and it makes it hard to remember what happened last week! It's making me realize how time seems to go by in a blur and makes me want to keep up with this more! So let's see what I can pull together from last week:


I officially failed to take a photo on this day. And so sadly, I don't really remember what happened. It's amazing how quickly you forget!


SUCH a great day. Seriously... the best! We transitioned our church over to our new pastor, and it could not have been more special. The church went WAY above and beyond to honor our work here and send us off with lots of love and gifts (including sending Josh to the national championship game!) and then hosted the greatest farewell party we could have imagined with about 400 of our closest friends. And it was SO MUCH FUN because we had not a single thing to do with the planning, and yet it was perfect with all of our favorite foods, a great local band, in the coolest venue. All of this to say that I'm not sure why we are all so adamant about planning our own weddings! Find a friend you trust and who knows your taste and let her run with it. It was so great just to show up and enjoy! 

Aside from my family who lives here, this picture is the number one reason why everything in me wants to stay, even though I know we have to go. Our staff is now family, and this is one of the most special groups of people I have ever had the privilege of knowing. I'm so thankful that our friendships will not change just because of some distance.


Pawpaw ran off to Arizona with daddy and left his hat. Finders keepers.


We had to break into a friend's house to retrieve some cookies she was holding hostage. These are our "mad faces" when we discovered that she locked the garage door! There were also several videos that we sent her to let her know just how upsetting this was! The kids thought it was a great adventure.


All is right in the world today. Nathalie's cookies, shipped all the way from Arizona, are the best!

Oh yeah, we also got a dusting of snow on Tuesday, and the kids thought jumping on a snow-covered trampoline was the most fun ever.


Playtime with sweet friends from down the street. Annabelle was all about Ava and just kept trying to climb all over her! I am so going to miss them!


I'm guessing I forgot to take pictures today in our mad rush to get the kids packed up for a sleepover and getting myself and Annabelle (and all her gear!) ready to go away for the weekend. We spent the majority of the day on airplanes and airports, but I did get sent several photos from our sweet friends Jared and Rebekah who basically made the kids feel like they were at summer camp! Is it any wonder why they love staying with them??


We spent the weekend in Maryland with good friends of ours and while Josh was in meetings, Annabelle and I got to sneak away by ourselves to the mall for a couple of hours. So I treated myself to a birthday pedicure while she watched in fascination! She was too squirmy for her cute piggies to get painted.

While on the trip we also ate the best food in Baltimore (oh the crabcakes!), did a lot of shopping in the Georgetown fashion district, and swung through D.C. to see the sights. As always, AnnieB was a trooper, and proved to be a great shopping buddy!


This might have been the most fun I have ever had watching Josh preach. He was the guest speaker at a great church in Columbia, MD and the crowd was so responsive and energetic. I felt like I was at a comedy show!

Our plane ride home was super eventful, too, as little bit wouldn't sleep and then puked all over me (and I mean all over me) when we landed in Detroit. I'm thankful for a husband who is willing to run all over the airport to find new jeans and a shirt for his smelly wife. She clearly felt better after getting all of it out of her system!

We got home pretty late, but it was super special to walk in and see that the kids had decorated our (messy) kitchen. I wouldn't trade 35 for anything... my life is so full that there is nothing I could possibly want.

Well I guess that's a little more than a week's worth, but at least I'm all caught up! Two weeks down, fifty to go!

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