Friday, January 8, 2016

Week in Photos: January 1-8

Surely this is something I can keep up with in 2016, right? I want a way to document the simple everyday things, which I generally snap photos of on my phone, so hopefully I can carve out some time once a week to upload my camera roll and keep a little weekly log of what is happening in our family. I feel like time just goes faster and faster, and I want to remember the simple little, everyday moments, especially why our kids are so small. So here goes...


Happy New Year! We all made it to midnight this year and then had a lazy day at home playing board games and taking naps.


Saw numbers at the gas pump that I haven't seen since my senior year of high school. Thanks, Kroger fuel points!

We also had a surprise visit from some of our favorite friends... and the new lead pastor kids of TPC!


We had some BIG NEWS to share with our church family!


Annndddd in bigger news, we found some buyers and WE GOT A CONTRACT ON OUR HOUSE the day before it was going to be listed!!!


This one decided she'd rather stand ALL. THE. TIME. instead of sit and crawl. Time slow down!


Enjoyed the start of our last month of our normal Lexington routine... a little BSF and then lunch with Gramma. Gosh I'm going to miss Wednesdays here.


I so enjoy watching this girl play in any environment... she's got the BEST imagination! Here we are at Paul Miller Ford getting some work done on the van. We were probably there for close to three hours and Lilly did not complain one time! And as a sidenote, I would highly recommend getting your car serviced there. On Thursdays they have "Ladies' Day" and along with your oil change you get free breakfast, a free cupcake, and a gift bag full of goodies. The staff was so great to the kids, too!


Our last Georgetown MOPS this morning (sad!) and just a little R&R on this rainy afternoon. Lilly got these headphones for Christmas and wears them non-stop. I think it's the cutest, even though she kind of looks like a tiny teenager.

So that's it... week one in the books! If I do nothing else on here this year, my hope is to at least continue with this, so we'll see! I want to appreciate the normal, ordinary everyday, because I am so grateful to be at home with these sweet kiddos. Hopefully this will help me do just that!

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