Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Five - Addendum

Happy Tuesday! I am trying to catch up on everything after a whirlwind kid-free trip to Atlanta last weekend to celebrate my best friend's bridal shower (pictures to come), and now preparing to leave town yet again for another weekend away... this time to New York! It's non-stop fun around here, and based on my calendar it looks like I'll be out of town for about as many weekends as I'll be in town until April! But it's all for fun stuff... weddings, parties, showers, bachelorettes, and hopefully some family stuff thrown in there. Busy is just how this family rolls- we wouldn't have it any other way! But before I forgot, I wanted to add that message that I mentioned in my FIVE post... the message that the post was based on. I was just going to add it there, but I wanted to make sure you saw it. So if you're interested, here is the message about the "five" (click here): The Rule of Five
So how are you doing on yours? Did anyone make a list? I have to admit that I think it's a manageable way to accomplish goals for me. Granted, more days than not my workout is ten sit-ups before bed, but that's ten more than I would've done in the past! And I'm already starting to feel a little lost if I don't get my quiet time with God everyday, whether it's an hour by myself in the morning, or ten minutes before bed to read a daily devotional. The point is that I'm getting nuggets everyday, no matter how "busy" my day is. It's keeping my priorities straight at least!

Lastly, our church began our annual 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting this past weekend and I'm really looking forward to seeing what that brings to our church body over this time. In fact, hundreds of churches across the nation do this every January, and it's an effort to instill some self-discipline into our lives and quiet the mind, spend more time in prayer and in return hear more from God. A Biblical fast is always food related, whether it be just water or just certain types of food, but we believe that fasting from any distraction is okay, too. Normally I fast from television during this time, and spend that time instead on prayer and reading, but this year I didn't feel the need to as I  just don't watch all that much anymore to start with. Our family is doing a food-related fast, and although the first couple of days were really tough, I think we're adjusting a bit better now. If you have any questions about fasting or have never been to a church that exercises this practice, I encourage you to watch the teaching on it that Josh did last week (posted below). And if you are already fasting, I hope that God speaks to you in mighty ways through this time and gives you the clarity on whatever it is that you're praying for. I probably won't post too much more about this, as it is a pretty personal journey, but again, if you have any questions please feel free to comment or email me!

Click here for the message on Prayer & Fasting

Have a great week!

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