Friday, July 27, 2012

Vacation - Part 4 - the Aquarium!

You didn't actually think that I had run through all of my pictures by now, did you?  Not only do I have a few more to share today, but I have a couple of favorites to share on Monday as well... and then I'm done and the countdown until next year's beach trip will begin.  Sigh.  So without further ado... here are some photos from our day at the aquarium:

Jake definitely loved the aquarium and kept talking about Nemo.  He was much more captivated by the large fish tanks than he was any of the attractions where you could put your hands in the water and touch different things, which was rather surprising to me.  I think he could have just stared at the fish all day and we had to drag him away from certain tanks... it was awesome.  And I am just always in awe of how many creatures live under that big blue ocean; it is just absolutely incredible.

Know what else is incredible?  The fact that we had someone take a picture of the two of us... probably the first one we've had taken in years!  Yeah, baby... we've still got it!  Haha!

Thanks for looking through my ridiculous amounts of vacation memories... it was just so nice to get away that I wanted to share them all.  I hope you have a great weekend and I'll see you back here on Monday for the favorites from the trip!


  1. Matt and I went to that aquarium in our pre-kid days, I believe--we have a pic in front of those same fish. And that pic of you and Lilly at the pool is drop-dead gorgeous!

  2. oh, I guess that's not a pool. Whatever--still very pretty! (and I know what you mean about the couple photos after you have kids. We very intentionally took one before our Valentine's date and my birthday date this year--our first in years!)

  3. Thanks, Jess... that's probably my favorite picture of me and Lil to date!

  4. Love the pics! You have an adorable family:) Looking forward to reading your reflections from today!!!:)