Monday, July 23, 2012

Vacation - Part 1

Guess who's back???  And guess who is not happy about it?  Yes it's true, I have the post-vacation blues.  We had such a great time away and literally lived in a bubble for a week- no TV, no phones (for the most part), no laptops, no schedule... it was just us... and it was bliss.  And since I took no less than 200 pictures, I'm going to have to do my recap over the course of the whole week.  And you're going to want to check everyday because the pictures of my tiny beach bums are well worth seeing.  But our trip  didn't start at the beach as we had an overnight pit-stop to visit Josh's family on the way.  The kids could not have been better on the drive and when we got there, they were ready to run around and blow off some steam.  Luckily cousin Skye was there ready to play, too, so we had an impromptu photo session, dressed in matching outfits of course!

The closest we came to the 3 of them looking at the camera

Best Friends... isn't my niece the cutest little thing??

Sharing secrets already

Make no mistake... this one is a DIVA in the making!  Such a precious princess.
Skye absolutely LOVED Jake and basically chased him around the house constantly.  We couldn't tell if he was afraid of her or just annoyed, but it was entertaining nonetheless.  We stopped through on our way back home, too, and saw even more family- Grandmom and Grandy again, Jake and Lilly's Great MawMaw and Pop, Uncle Sam, Uncle Ben, and Aunt Ginny.


Great MawMaw

Auntie Ginny and Skye-Baby

Uncle Ben
Uncle Sam - I promise that Lilly actually likes him unlike what the picture shows!
It was an all-too short visit, but I'm glad that it was somewhat on the way and we could see everyone, even if it was brief.  Seeing those three kiddos together made it so worth it and I know that it will just get more and more fun as the kids get older.  We have two weddings coming up in this bunch, so I'm sure more visits are to come!

Check back tomorrow for beach and pool pics!

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  1. We've been back from the beach more than two months now, and I am STILL in withdrawal. Whenever I think about it, I start pining away. Fabulous vacation. Can't wait to see the rest of your pics. The matchy cousins telling secrets are precious!!