Sunday, October 16, 2011

Celebrating Lilly

Have I mentioned recently that I LOVE living near my family?  My sisters and mom missed the baby shower for Jake, so they wanted to do something special for Lilly.  They threw a party ten days after she was born, invited a few friends and family, and we had a very low-key welcome party for my sweet girl.  In a word, it was perfect.  The only thing missing was a few of you that couldn't make it, but I look forward to your visits soon!  Welcome, Baby Lilly!

The Guest of Honor... my pretty girl!

The food table... yummy!

Beautiful Decor

One of my residents from my UT days (and now one of my very best friends)... love you, Laura!

The award for farthest distance traveled goes to my Aunt Karen and cousin, Hillary!

The kiddos with their Great Grandaddy and Mawmaw.

Did I also mention how much my family and friends rock?  We had guests from Cincinnati, Atlanta, and even Cleveland come for the day!  Lilly sure is loved... and we sure are blessed.  Thanks to everyone for making our day so very very special.


  1. And to think we didn't even get a picture of all us girls together! I'm still awaiting the blog about the special gift from "Kim", too!

  2. Aw, tear. I'm still so sad I missed the celebration. Everything looked so great (including the guests of honor!). Love you, friend!

  3. MIndy, that post is coming. And Kristen, you were definitely missed, but we'll have to plan a get together soon! Love you!