Sunday, August 28, 2011

Where's My Baby?

I think we timed this second baby just right.  Lately we've had some extra time to spend as a family (which has been wonderful!) and have gone on lots of fun outings while we explore our new city.  But it seems like more and more, I find that our "sweet baby Jake" has turned into a little boy right before our little eyes.  I know it sounds silly as he's only 17 months old, but the boy talks up a storm, throws a ball like a champ, runs around like a crazy-person, and climbs up everything- and I mean everything!- he can possibly figure out how to climb.  Plus, he is the size of a two-year-old, so when put next to a kid his own age, people just assume that he's older.  Here are some things that have wowed us recently and make me wonder, just where did my baby boy go?

First up was at a place called Just 4 Kids last weekend, which is a tiny-tot gym for kids pre-school age.  Jake loved the trampoline and jumped better than I expected him to be able to!  Then again, he gets lots of practice on our bed, in his crib, and on our couch:

Then there was a very large bounce-house with an obstacle course.  I totally underestimate my son's brawn apparently... he climbed all the way to the top by himself.  Please disregard the comments from his nervous camerawoman/mommy:

And this weekend Aunt Mindy and cousin Adam were visiting again (yaaaayyyy!) and the two of them had their first arcade experience.  Let me just tell you, Jake was LOSING HIS MIND over the carousel, driving games, and particularly all of the basketball games.  That boy loves his basketball, which is good considering we just moved to basketball country.  We let them play one of the smaller ones, and Jake even made a couple of baskets!

What I don't have video of is how difficult it was to drag him out of there!  Or how wound up he was once we left... all of that stimulation really excited him!  I am pretty sure these two spots will be ones that we'll visit occasionally as a nice treat for our crazy boy.  And each time, I'm sure he'll surprise me with his new skills and abilities.  As much joy as I find watching him learn, discover, and try new things (even though he scares me to death sometimes!), I do look forward to our sweet little girl arriving so that I have a squishy newborn to cuddle again.  Seventeen months goes by far too quickly.

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