Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Heaven Is For Real... and it's in our house!

Okay, so I really should actually blog about the book Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo.  If you haven't read it, I highly recommend it.  But instead of doing an insightful, intelligent post on that topic, I have chosen instead to share with you my favorite part of our new home.  I had hoped to have pictures of several rooms by now in order to do a full house tour, but it seems as if every single room is waiting on one tiny little detail, whether it be a picture to be hung or a shelf to be filled and I'm far too anal retentive to post pictures of an unfinished room.  Plus, once they're completely decorated, I will also have to find a day when they are clean... so it could be awhile.

BUT... the good news is that one room is done!  Josh has found my obsession with this room completely amusing and couldn't believe when he walked in and found me decorating it.  Yes, even hanging pictures.  So where is this room you ask?  Well, without further ado, let me show off our master closet!

Well wait a second, before I do that, I do want to throw a disclaimer out there.  Or a couple actually:
1 - As much as we loved our old house in Illinois, we did not love the lack of closet space.  Josh's clothes were split between two closets and mine were in a third down the hall.  I couldn't find a pair of shoes if I tried and the rest of my clothes were in a dresser in the guest bedroom.  The two of us had to visit three separate rooms in order to get ready to go anywhere.

2 - Even though we downsized (which I'm actually happy about), this house has definitely made up for it in closet space!  Most of our square footage is upstairs, and I think a fourth of it is closets!  One even has a window... it's crazy, but helps for storage.  The master closet is about as big as Jake's old room was, and we even joked about making it Lilly's room when she comes along!  For now, we're planning on having the kiddos share a room for awhile (after she's done bunking in with us) but there's still time to change our minds!

3 - I have never had a walk-in closet or anything remotely similar to one.  I never understood what the big deal was about them.  But now that I can see everything I own, I totally get it!  And poor Josh now realizes that I will never accept anything less.

Okay... enough explanation... let's get on with the show.  Here is a glimpse of my "heaven" at home:

The full view from the entrance

Josh's side... overly organized due to my nesting

All of the clothes that I don't fit into right now.  *sigh*

A picture of my favorite little man and some marathon medals for inspiration

And yes... a decorated wall!  I've never really known where to display our race memorabilia, but this seems to be the perfect spot.  And I hope to grow that wall soon after #2 is born.
So yeah, I officially feel a little bit like a psycho, especially now that I've done an "Ode to our Master Closet" blog post, but I'm okay with it.  Just know that if you're ever visiting and you can't find me, chances are you'll find me here... in my favorite room of the house!

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