Friday, May 13, 2011

Baby # 2 is a....





We are OVER THE MOON excited!  Well, excited is an understatement really.  I don't think I knew how much I wanted a girl until the ultrasound tech told us the news.  We've had her name picked out before Jake was even born so sometime at the end of September or beginning of October we will be introducing...

Lillian Joy

We'll call her Lilly I'm sure and Joy is my middle name which I am thrilled to get to pass down.

At the appointment this morning, I'm not sure if I was more excited to hear that I am carrying a little girl or if my excitement was based on confirmation of a mother's intuition.  You see, not long after Jake was born I was sitting in his room rocking him and Josh walked in.  I was looking at the letters on his wall that spell his name and said, "I think Lilly is coming next."  I don't know why or what at that moment made me think that.  We never really said much about it again.  Months later we found out I was pregnant with our second child and for some reason, I immediately thought it was a girl.  I couldn't help to refer to the baby as "she" or "her" even though I tried not to.  Then I had not one, but two, dreams that she was born, we named her Lilly, and in one dream she was even eight pounds, seven ounces (which I'd gladly take by the way considering that Jake was eight-ten).  Talk about specific!  My brother-in-law dreamt we had a girl, too, and then another friend of mine told me recently that she did also!  With Jake, I did have an inkling (and a dream before I even knew I was pregnant that we had a baby boy) but there was a part of me that had my doubts.  This time around, I was so absolutely certain that I think I would've called the technician a liar if she told me otherwise!  Yeah, it was probably a bit of an unhealthy attitude to walk in there with, but everything worked out thank goodness.

We spent the day calling family and had a date night to go out to dinner and buy some pink stuff.  It was nice to call my side of the family to let them know that the streak has been broken!  After four boys, we finally have a GIRL!  Let's just say that she's going to be one protected (and spoiled!) little girl!  

As for me?  I'm feeling great and feeling huge!  I told Josh before this appointment that I did hope that this was a girl since I'm carrying her all over the place!  Jake was such a little basketball, but she's more like an inner-tube.  The pictures don't do it justice (probably because I refuse to take comparison shots of Jake vs. Lilly from the rear)which is  but here is me with the two of them at 20 weeks:

Me & Jake @ 20 weeks (still in regular jeans)

Me & Lilly @ 20 weeks (totally rocking maternity pants!)
So that's it from here.  Have a great weekend... I'm off to go online shop for some pink cowboy boots!


  1. Wooooo hooooo!! I'll admit, I was hoping it would be a girl. Jake will be such a good big brother to a little girl, and I feel sorry for any guy she ever dates :) Congrats! Now go shop for lots of pink!!

  2. Congrats Kim & Josh (and Jake!)- hey, I have pink cowboy boots... oh wait, you want them for Lilly don't you? Oh well :)

  3. Congrats!! Girls are so fun, and your intuition is amazing!

  4. Thanks, everyone! We can't wait to kiss sweet Lilly's face this fall.

    And Amanda, you crack me up. And it comes as no surprise that you do own pink cowboy boots! :)