Wednesday, October 20, 2010

There's Nothing Like a Sister

In college I lived three hours away from my sisters. During my freshman year when I did not have my car at school, my oldest sister Angie drove the three hours to pick me up and then drove the three hours back home. My other sister, Mindy, made the same six-hour trip to take me back at the end of the weekend. That is how much they wanted to spend time with me.

Mindy ended up moving to Florida the next year, so my college years were spent with many trips up to visit Angie. Her boys were born while I was in school and I could not get enough. Whenever I visited I would spoil them rotten and I could always count on a shared coffee cake and free loads of laundry. It was my closest "home" to visit and she always took great care of me.

After college I moved to Florida... Mindy lived three miles away. In the five years that I lived down there she became the friend that I could count on for anything, call at any time, and her door was always open. We ran too many miles together to count, and even though we were not necessarily thrilled to be out there, we were always happy we accomplished our mileage. Some of our best talks were on those runs and we have finished two half-marathons and a full marathon side by side.

When we moved to Small Town, Illinois, it was the first time in ten years that I did not live within a short drive to visit at least one of them. I was thrilled to be moving here, of course, and am still as happy as can be that our lives are here, but there are days that I miss them more than I thought I would. Because we moved around so much during our youth when my dad was in the army, I never really get "homesick" because I don't really have a place that is "home." Home is here now and I wouldn't have it any other way. I realized recently, however, that I do get extremely "sistersick." No matter how many great friends I have here (and believe me, I have many wonderful ones and am extremely blessed) there is just nothing like a sister. Sisters are those gals that make you laugh so hard you start crying, can bring up an inside joke from twenty years ago that will just set you off, recall your most embarrassing moments, give the best hugs when you need one, let you borrow their clothes (or recommend that you change!), and truly love you unconditionally. With a sister you know that no matter what they know about you, what mistakes you've made, or what they've seen you through, they're going to love you no matter what. I can't imagine my life without the two of them.

During the first week of this month, I drove to Kentucky to visit Angie. An 8 hour drive with a 6-month old kid was worth it to see her. She would've done the same for me. When I got there, my other sister was there, too, with her son! My mom had joined her on the drive from Florida (16 hours I believe!) to surprise me and it was wonderful to have all of us in one place. Having all three of us together happens few and far between now that I live in the cold white north, so I was extremely grateful to get them both for a few days. I can't say that we did anything all that exciting, and honestly I can't really think of a single highlight to blog about, but it filled a void that I didn't even realize was forming in my heart. As I hugged Mindy goodbye after three (too short) days and Angie goodbye a few days later, tears welled up in my eyes and that sinking feeling started creeping in rather quickly. They grew up alongside of me and helped shape who I am, so I am forever a part of them. Maybe that's why I feel like a part of me is missing when they are not around.

The good news is that I won't have to wait too long to get another dose. Mindy, her husband Michael, and their son Adam are coming to visit this Christmas! Just knowing that makes the "sistersickness" a little more bearable. Mindy and I have been on the phone already, acting like giddy teenagers and making plans. The questions are far too detailed for a trip that is still two months away... "can you make sure it will snow while we're there?" "Can you make sure we have a white Christmas?" "Do you think we can borrow a snowsuit together so that the boys can both be in the snow at the same time?" "Wanna spend a night in the city?" "Do we need to bring the carseat or do you have an extra?" and things like that. But talking about it seems to make it that much closer so I think we'll continue to do so until December 18th rolls around. One thing we are not discussing is whether or not she should bring her running shoes because I am pretty sure the answer is a big fat "no."

I used to think that I was such an independent gal that I would never need to (or even really want to necessarily) live in the same state, much less town, than my family. The older I get (and the more kids we have), I realize how untrue that is becoming. So even though these trips will do for now, I'm thinking that maybe one day, albeit years and years in the future, we'll venture toward wherever they are. One can hope so anyway.

Angie and Mindy~ I love you gals more than you will ever know. I'm not sure what compelled me to sit down and dedicate an entire post to you today, but it's probably just because I don't tell you that enough. Thanks for being the two greatest sisters a girl can have, for treating my husband as if he's been in the family all along (and seriously, can you even remember what life was like without him? How boring!), and for loving on my son the way you do. We are so blessed to be a part of your lives. Just move closer, okay??? I hope to see you both very soon!

Angie, Mindy, and Me - October 2010

Someday I would hope to have two girls of my own so that they can share what we have together. But at the rate this bunch is going, we'll have nothing but boys!


  1. Aww, reading this makes me a bit "sistersick" and a little teary. We are truly blessed, are we not? I cannot imagine my life without you both, my two best friends.

    And, no, there will be no running shoes being packed (unless they must double as my winter shoes since I'm from FL!). It will be a week after my half marathon, so I will be in post-race recovery mode -- bring on the Christmas cookies!

    Love you!

  2. I agree with Mindy. Miss you both terribly! Held it together as you all left, but cried when i got in the house. Love you girls!


  3. You know... I don't think we realized it at the time, but we FINALLY took a good picture of all three of us on the first try! We're getting better! :)