Monday, April 5, 2010

The Loss of a Hero

I have been trying to write this post for three days now, but seem to draw a blank every time I start. On Saturday morning, we lost our Aunt Barbara after her long battle with breast and brain cancer. She had beaten the breast cancer and was diagnosed with the brain cancer back in October, at which time we thought we had lost her. But this woman is a fighter and she gave it everything she had, which is the way she lived her life. If it hadn't been for the cancer, I'm pretty sure she would've outlived us all.

As kids, trips to see Aunt B were always a fun occasion. They meant driving up to the mountains in her big van and camping. They meant listening to the "Muscle Song" and going to the Pie Man for pizza. We played Frogger on the Atari for hours and rode her dog Missy around the living room. One year I forgot my beloved stuffed dog that went with me everywhere, and she gave me the one that sat on her dashboard without hesitating to get me through the week. Another year she wanted to take my picture with my hair in my face and sunglasses on a la Cousin It, and when I was too embarrassed to do it, she promised me an award. Sure enough, we had a ceremony and everything and I took home a plaque for taking the silly picture. The list goes on and on and on- one fun story after another that marked my childhood in such wonderful ways.

Aunt B embodied everything that an aunt should be. She was always so much fun to be around and I doubt there is a person in this world that didn't like her. As a teacher, many of her students say that she was the best they ever had and as a coach she was "Coach of the Year" many times over, so we were the lucky ones that had the privilege of being her nieces. And as her nieces, we always felt special.

Aunt B has left an imprint on our hearts and souls that will never fade away. She will continue to inspire us to always fight, always try harder, and always work to succeed in everything we do. And every time I cross a finish line, I will think of her as I know she would've like to do more races. She may be gone from the earth, but the impact that she has left here will be carried with us always. I know this post doesn't even come close to doing her life and legacy justice, but at least it's a small glimpse into how much she means to all of us. Aunt B, you are missed already. We love you dearly and will live bolder, more adventurous lives thanks to the one you led. Thank you for all you are and always will be to our family. We love you.

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