Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Slowly but surely things are looking up around here after last week. At this time last week, I could not walk without help and could only lay on one side or another to relieve the pressure in my leg. Fast forward to now and I am up and walking around the house (although getting scolded a lot because I'm doing more than I should be!), feeling very little pain, and handling the twice-daily shots like a champ. That, however, I do owe to Josh as he's become quite the pro at them these days... it's just a normal part of our everyday routine. I've had a couple of "guest nurses" on the nights that he has had to work and they've been fabulous, too! Everyone is a little nervous at first, but so far I have successfully received every one of them. In a few weeks I will switch from my current shots (Lovenox) to Heparin shots because they can be reversed much more quickly in the event that I should go into labor early. Then once they set my date to me induced, they will stop all shots 48 hours before that and we should be good to go! We haven't been given that date yet, but from what they tell us it should only be about 6 1/2 more short weeks. The countdown has officially begun!

As for the bambino, he's just rockin' and rollin' in there... life is good for him! We had our second appointment with the new baby doc (again... LOVE him!) today and Jake checked out perfectly. Each week we will have an ultrasound and I will be on a fetal monitor for 20 minutes to monitor his heartbeat and make sure that I'm not having any contractions. Now that he's so big, the ultrasounds are awesome... we can see him in much more detail and he looks beautiful. He has a full head of hair apparently and is head-down and ready to make his debut. The only slightly scary part is that at 32 weeks he is weighing in at about 4 pounds, 10 ounces, which is about the 71st percentile. We're growing a monster baby! But the good news is that we won't have to worry about any issues with birth weight, but that's not entirely reassuring news for a woman who has never had to give birth before!

So that's the update... not a whole lot to report really. As I keep saying (and will continue to do so), thank you all for your continued calls and prayers. Although I don't know what the clot looks like these days or if it has started to break down, I do know that prayers are working. Just having no more pain and swelling in that leg has been a blessing in itself and I am so thankful that God has given me the ability to walk. We take so much for granted and don't even realize it until it's taken away. I also know that there are blessings in everything. Over this past week I've had someone here with me everyday from our church family and the time of fellowship has been rich and impacting. These are people that I normally do not get to spend much time with and have now developed a strong foundation for us to build on, and I would not trade that for the world. If God can use a blood clot to do that, He can use anything for His good. There are always blessings in the storm, but sometimes we forget to look for them. And since it's been awhile since I left you with any pictures (because there has been nothing of note to photograph!), here are a couple to tie you over until our lives become more interesting:

My view from bed rest... could be worse I guess!

Our handsome little man at 32 weeks... I just want to squeeze him!


  1. I like your slippers. :-)

  2. I want to come over and visit soon!!! I've been working like crazy but soon hopefully!

  3. Yes, Abs... I may have turned my nose up at them when you all gave them to me, but I proudly wear these almost everyday.

    Chelsea... come on over!!! :)