Friday, April 11, 2014

Five On Friday: Kids Say the Darndest Things

One of my sorority sisters from my college days writes an incredibly successful and awesome blog called Hello! Happiness. I've been reading it for years now and it's so full of great fashion finds, home decorating, beauty tips, party-planning ideas, and adorable pictures and stories of her cute little family. She is the brain behind the "Five on Friday" link-up that you may have seen on several other blogs, and I have decided to jump on the bandwagon, with a focus on the silly things my kids say. With Jake being 4 and Lilly being a super-chatty 2 1/2-year-old, they are constantly making us laugh. I don't know how many times in a week one of us says, "we need to write that down or we'll forget it." So this is going to be my attempt (and notice I say attempt because I have come to terms with the fact that consistency is not my strong-suit) to document these things that I never want to forget. My "Five on Friday" posts will be about them, their stories and cute phrases, and the ways they make me smile. I hope their antics make you smile, too. 

Here lately, Jake has been on a  bit of a roll with the funny things he says, so this first Five on Friday is dedicated to him:

While in Florida last week, we switched hotels three times. The first hotel was Disney's Art of Animation, so we were pretty sure nothing else would compare. Upon checking into our second hotel, which was an Embassy Suites, Jake put his hands on his hips, looked around the lobby, shook his head, and said (loudly… which is the only volume Jake has), "Wow, Daddy. This joint is nice!" Other guests checking in as well as the staff got a big kick out of it.

Yesterday I told Jake that he could finish his MarioKart race and could race one more, but then he'd have to turn it off. He was trying to talk me into letting him have more then one race, but I told him no, he could only have the one more. I then said, "Show me how it's done, buddy." He took the expression literally and began to show me how to steer, what buttons to push to make the car go, and how to get "questions" that turn into prizes. He then handed me the wheel and said, "now you try." I was the one who taught him how to play MarioKart, and just love that he took what I said so literally!

Jake still does not pronounce L's, and they come out as W's instead. I absolutely love it. It will be a sad day when he calls his sister "Lilly" instead of "Wi-wee," because I know that day is probably coming soon. I am going to miss it. A few weeks ago in the car we were practicing letters and I asked him what "whistle" started with. Fully confident, he answered "L." Well played, son. 

Jake has been watching "Jake and the Neverland Pirates" for awhile now, and so when he plays, he likes to set booby traps, or "movie traps" as he calls them. A couple of days ago, we started correcting him, telling him that it's "booby trap" and not "movie trap." He'd remember for awhile and then later in the day forget again. After correcting him yesterday evening, I heard him repeating the word "booby" under his breath, I guess as a way to remember it. Way to go, Parents, your son is now repetitively saying booby. Awesome.

Jake's has two favorite "naughty" words right now. The first is "underpants," which I am totally okay with. And the other? Well, I can't really explain it… it's "tutu"… or more like "tooo-toooo" (said in a crazy Jake voice). He loves to call people "too-too" or say, "Haha- you're just a too-toooo!" Yeah, I totally don't get it. Last week he was saying that over and over again and so I finally stopped him and asked, "Jake, what exactly is a too-too?" He thought for a second and then explained quite simply that "it's when there's a lion in your underpants and it roars."                       Well, there you have it.

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  1. I bet you have quite a longer list than only 5! Numbers 4 and 5 cracked me up. Love our Jake!