Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Crazy Month

Can I just put it out there that being a "stay at home mom" is EXHAUSTING??? The thought that I would have more time to do personal things is a total myth, and somehow my schedule is more packed than ever! Rather than feeling okay with my decision to put my children in front of the TV all day (which I truly understand is a necessity sometimes, so I'm not knocking it!), I now take them everywhere... playdates, the park, the grocery store, the gym, you name it! And most of my planning revolves around activities for them, not for me. By the end of the day I am so tired I can hardly keep my eyes open, much less post anything here on the blog, so summer has taken a toll on my regularity here! 


Can I also just put it out there that I have never enjoyed mommyhood so much??? I already thought my kiddos were awesome (because why wouldn't? I am their mother!) but now that I get to spend every waking moment with them (aside from that glorious hour that they both nap at the same time), I think they are cuter, smarter, funnier, and more adorable than ever. Maybe I just have more "free time" to be patient, or maybe it's more consistent parenting now that I can focus on being consistent, but these little munchkins bring me abundant joy everyday. I didn't lose a job in April, but rather was gifted the time and energy to constantly pour into them. No paycheck could ever make up for what I was missing out on all of this time.

And as for the lack of posts, the above does have a lot to do with it, but because I don't have a career and a boss to report to everyday, our family has been everywhere this past month! We went from the beach to Birmingham to a weekend in Indianapolis, and the kids and I just returned from four days in Small Town, Illinois. Fingers are crossed that I will create some opportunities to sit down and post pictures from all of these trips, but I'm not beating myself up about it. For now I know exactly where I need to be, so if the blog gets neglected until school starts again, I have peace with it.

But for your viewing pleasure, and because we've all been absent on here for awhile, here are some cutie-pie faces to brighten your day!

Hope you had a great holiday... can't believe summer is halfway over already!

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