Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Bringing Spring Inside

As I mentioned yesterday, I was in a wedding yesterday, and like most bridesmaids do (I assume), I took my bouquet home with me. There are very few surfaces in our house, so the only good spot for it was on our mantle, which I have been unhappy with for some time now. I also happened to have a ton of Mason jars leftover from decorating that morning, and that's all it took to make me love that space in our home:

I've always loved having fresh flowers, but never thought it was worth the investment to keep up with it. Now I'm thinking I might be wrong... it's amazing what a pretty little bouquet can do!

And you probably are not wondering, but in case you want to know what the picture to the left of the TV is, well, it's one of our new favorite items around here. Our family has a motto; it's something we tell our kids every night before bed, and it's something that our church hears from time to time from the platform. To thank me for speaking at DG's Founders Day, my sweet friend Rebekah had this made for us... how thoughtful is that???

What she did not know was that I actually included that motto in my speech, so it was all the more appropriate.  Does your family have a motto? I think every family should! Words are so powerful!

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  1. Very cool to have a motto! The flowers are gorgeous, too.