Monday, November 12, 2012

Better Late Than Never

Between the Florida Ironman Trip last week and then playing catch-up for a few days, I never got around to following up on my Halloween Costume post with pictures from this year. So without further ado (and as many of you guessed)... I bring you The Incredibles!

The Incredibles has been a favorite movie around these parts lately and Jake literally thinks he's Dash. When we first showed him his costume, he wasn't so sure about it, but once we wrestled it on him, his whole persona changed! We now have to hide the costume from him because he would seriously wear it everyday. I'm trying to figure out how I can work it into a reward program for potty-training!

Please disregard the crazy mess my hair was that night... it was awful weather here- cold and drizzly for trick-or-treating. We made it around one block before calling it quits and Jake tried to go into every house. Too funny. But apparently my Mrs. Incredible alter-ego got the best of me and on a whim on Saturday, I decided to make myself look a lot more like her:

It's not the first time I've chopped all of my hair off, but I was not planning on it until the scissors came out. After a bit of debating back and forth, we just went for it, and it feels great to have it short again... it's so nice to have those unhealthy ends off! I also love having a hair person I can trust!

So that's the scoop on Halloween... I'm not sure how we're going to top those outfits and I'm pretty sure they'll come out again sometime in the future. And now that we're halfway through November I'm looking forward to bringing on the holiday season! But first I have a niece or nephew that needs to hurry up and make an appearance already. There's just so much to look forward to!


  1. Yes, love the hair!! And I really think Josh should have completed IronMan in costume!!

  2. You win the prize for most devoted to your costume if you chopped your hair! I love that hairstyle on you, though. It looks great!

    LOVE the family costume!! So cute that Jake loves his so much. Evan went through that phase, too.

  3. Your hair is AMAZING:) And so is your fam!!