Thursday, July 21, 2011

This Will Have to do For Now

My handsome husband has been at a church-planting conference all week and I stayed in Illinois as it was too long to be away from our sweet Jake.  Needless to say, Jake's not the greatest with a camera, so the picture I promised last week has not been taken, but a friend of mine did snap one of me at the homecoming parade for Joe.  It's not the best to really see the magnitude of the bump (thank goodness for patterns and good angles!) but it will do until Josh gets home to take one.  And please disregard the hair and make-up... we stood outside in 95 degree weather for far too long that day!  So here we are in all of our glory at 29 weeks:

At this angle (rather than straight from the side) you can see that what they say is true, at least in my case: girls sit all the way around your middle.  She's not quite the basketball that Jake was at this point!


  1. You're beautiful!!! And that bump is gorgeous! You look so fabulous!

  2. You look GREAT, Kim! I was thinking that yesterday. I figured Campbell was a girl when I had back fat when I was only 14 weeks along. LOL

  3. 29 weeks already!??! Little Lilly will be here so soon! I'm so excited for your squishy newborn! Lookin' great, mama.