Friday, August 21, 2009

Tree of Hope

Sure, you can go to Disney's Animal Kingdom to see the Tree of Life, but if you want to visit the Tree of Spirit you have to visit Small Town, Illinois. I was driving through town the other day and noticed this tree with little pink ribbons hanging on it and wondered what it was all about it. A couple of days later I zipped into a small gift shop and as I paid for my goodies, I noticed a note on the counter that read, "Tree of Hope Pink Ribbons, $2.00". Putting two and two together, I asked for three of them, paid my six dollars, and submitted the names of my grandma, mom, and Aunt B. Josh and I walked by the tree a few days later, and while we did not find our three ribbons specifically, it made me feel good to know that these three strong ladies are proudly represented as cancer SURVIVORS (because we already know you will be, Aunt B!) on our little Tree of Spirit. It makes me smile and think of those ladies every time I pass by. So to those I mentioned, please know that you have a tiny pink ribbon hanging on a tree in the middle of Illinois in your honor. Now how many people can claim that??? I love you ladies dearly.


  1. That is awesome. We need more of those trees. Maybe I can find one in KY and do the same thing.

  2. That is so thoughtful of you. Thank you so much. Love you babe.